If you are a regular eyelash extension wearer, then you will know that retention or how long your lashes last is a very important factor. Ideally, we want to be getting a few weeks between infills – we want the lashes to gradually and evenly fall out over a few weeks, and then have them infilled with fresh when needed. We don’t want them coming off prematurely, but at the same time we don’t want them to be fused together with so much adhesive that they cannot come off (this is not good – they need to be able to come off as your natural lashes shed!) 

However, if you have ever experienced lash extensions shedding more quickly; or if you have had lashes lasting really well and then all of a sudden they won’t stay, there are a few odd reasons that can cause this. Have a read through as this article – our aim is to help troubleshoot any of those reasons and to help you get the best retention possible out of your lash extensions. Please note that this article does not constitute medical advice, any conditions are described generally, and should you be concerned about any health related issue that may be affecting your eyelashes, it is best to consult your medical professional for advice. 

  1. Super steamy and high humidity environments – this can be a bit of a challenge in the summer months – however there are some situations that are not ideal for lash extensions. For example, regular exposure to steam from industrial machinery like dishwashers, ovens etc. Regular hot yoga, and things like sauna/steam rooms can sometimes cause retention issues. Anywhere where steam and oil are likely to be combined is not the ideal environment.
  2. Excessive rubbing and touching – it’s best if you can avoid this as much as possible. Eyelash extensions last longer when you leave them alone – fingers are oily and sometimes carry bacteria, so you really just want to touch them when you are washing them. 
  3. Underlying medical conditions – there are a few different medical conditions that can affect hair growth such as hypothyroidism, blepharitis (which can affect bonding) and hormonal imbalances, which can disrupt the natural cycle of eyelashes, causing them to shed more quickly, affecting the longevity of extensions. 
  4. Stress can have an impact on the growth of hair and disprupt the natural growth cycle of eyelash extensions, making them grow more slowly and/or fall out more quickly. If you have a very stressful period, this can impact the head on your hair which is normally more noticeable – but and this can also affect eyelashes 
  5. A change to your skincare routine such as introducing oily products or those with exfoliating agents around the eye area can impact the adhesive bond. we find that it is more what you expose your natural lashes to in the days ahead of an eyelash extension application which can cause inadequate bonding. Whilst at Lady Lash we will always do a thorough job of cleaning and preparing your lashes for an extension application, and we are extremely experienced in dealing with all sorts of hair textures, if they have been exposed to a lot of oil in the days prior, it can sometimes saturate the lash follicle and make it very tricky to get a good bond. Drier lashes will absorb adhesive better, and a more secure bond will be created. So whilst you are wearing lash extensions, please avoid oily eye serums, or having facials where they will be putting ingredients on the eye area.
  6. Certain eye medications such as those used to treat glaucoma, and even certain lash growth serums (normally ones that contain bimatoprost or hormone-affecting ingredients – no longer allowed in Australia in cosmetics) can cause your lashes to grow quickly and in unusual directions which can sometimes affect lash extension longevity. We highly recommend Lashgame growth serum as it does not cause unusual growth patterns, but rather works to gradually strengthen and thicken their hair follicle, rather than create bursts of growth, and contains only lash-safe ingredients- so it is compatible with lash extensions 
  7. Menopause and perimenopause can lead to fluctuating oil levels in the skin but can also lead to thinner and more fragile eyelashes. This is why it is particularly important to choose a lash salon/artist experienced in dealing with thinner and more delicate lashes and won’t overload them. At Lady Lash, we are well-versed in dealing with finer and weaker natural lashes and will always apply appropriate weight/length extensions so as to preserve the natural lashes. 
  8. Vitamin deficiencies can impact lash health and this intern can affect how well your extensions will retain. On the other hand, some vitamin supplements taken in larger quantities (fish oil) can actually cause the natural lashes to become quite slippery and harder to bond to
  9. Lifestyle changes such as extreme dieting and drastic weight loss can affect hair growth and lash quality – which can impact lash extension retention
  10. Certain medications, such as those used in chemotherapy can cause widespread hair loss, which can include eyelashes. If you are undergoing this treatment and also having lash extensions, it is a good idea to make sure we are aware of it, and your medical professional is aware that you want to continue with lash extensions. There may be times when eyelash extensions are not compatible with this treatment, however sometimes adjustments can be made and very light/fine extensions can be worn whilst natural lashes are re-growing. 

So if you are suddenly having a retention issue, it is a good idea to check all of the above, as sometimes a small change to your routine, or a lifestyle factor can play a big part in how well your lashes will stay put. At Lady Lash, it is our mission for you to get the most out of your lash extensions – and we are always happy to help troubleshoot, should you come into any retention issues. And if you have worn extensions from elsewhere and they haven’t lasted, we’d love to try and help get you the bottom of it – and give you ones that do! 

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