Shortly, we will be introducing the long-awaited LED Lashes to our salon in Newtown (with Parramatta and Gosford to soon follow).
Only a few of our stylists will be offering this technique initially, so bookings for this service will be somewhat limited.

LED lashes involve a slightly altered application technique than traditional eyelash extensions. The biggest difference is the adhesive used, and the curing technique. Sometimes referred to as UV eyelash extensions, UV lashes or LED eyelash extensions, this is not so accurate, as it’s actually an LED light, which is quite different. We are amongst just a handful of salons across Sydney to offer LED lashes. A special LED lamp is used intermittently to cure each lash individually and completely. It is an advanced technique, where a high level of skill and precision are needed, but when done by an experienced professional, the results in terms of retention will generally surpass those of traditional eyelash extensions. It’s safe and has been well tested and we absolutely love it!

Benefits of LED lashes
Due to this curing method, the bond is extremely strong and oil resistant, which is a major benefit if you are someone who struggles with lash retention, has oily skin and/or hair, or has lashes that are very thick/straight and have had trouble holding extensions in the past. The adhesive cures instantly and does not require that you keep them dry for 24 hours to avoid unstable curing and extension loss. If you’re a swimmer/everyday gym goer etc, this could be a game changer for you.

For those of you who are time poor and want to make your visits here as few and far between as possible (it’s ok – we miss you but we understand!) we’re finding that most people are getting an additional week between infills with this type of technology.

If you are prone to very sensitive eyes and tend to find regular lash extension application irritating, in almost all cases, this will completely eliminate any sensitivity from adhesive, and you will have zero redness after the treatment. Sensitivity from eyepads can still occur, so it is important to let us know if you are experiencing any discomfort so we can make adjustments)

Whilst actual allergies (normally characterised by puffy, swollen eyelids) to eyelash extension adhesive aren’t eliminated with LED, the chance of them is lessened. You are more than welcome to have an LED patch test to see if this would benefit you.

The only circumstance where we would not recommend it is if you have a tendency to pick at and pull at your own eyelashes. They are bonded so well, that if you are tugging and playing with them lots, it is likely your own lash will come out before the extension does. We always say avoid touching the eye area as much as possible when wearing lashes, to avoid introducing any bacteria into the area.

After care (washing them every day with a lash cleanser) is the same, as for good eyelid hygiene, you do need to take special care to keep your lash extensions clean, whichever way they’ve been applied.

Is it safe?

We are using the Aura Monaco Beamlight system, which has been tested over 2 years in cooperation with external testing laboratories and is 100% safe for the human eye and skin. It is a German system, where safety standards are amongst the highest in the world, and it complies with all current global standards and requirements. The device is CE and FDA certified and complies with Australian Standards. The LED technology itself is not new, and has been used in the dental and nail industries for many years – but has been adapted now for eyelash extensions.

At Lady Lash, we have been quite slow to adopt this technology, because we wanted to ensure that the system was very safe, that it was well-known and well-regarded, and that it was effective and actually provided a solid benefit. We are very confident in this product, however if you would like to learn more about the safety certifications, more information can be found here

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